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Special City of Newnan Events

CityHallSelfie Day 2020 Email Event Header

#CityHallSelfie Day
at Newnan City Hall!

Hey, Newnan - get ready to celebrate local government service on Friday, August 14, 2020, for the fifth annual #CityHallSelfie Day!

While we may be celebrating #CityHallSelfie Day a little differently this year, we hope that you can still join in on the fun and find creative ways to help us celebrate.

What: #CityHallSelfie Day is an online picture sharing in front of city halls and other government buildings. Participants take a self-portrait (selfie) in front of Newnan City Hall and share it using the hashtags: #CityHallSelfie, #ELGL, and #GaCities. ELGL and Bang the Table award prizes for the best #CityHallSelfie in multiple categories. The City of Newnan is looking to take home a few awards and earn some bragging rights this year!

When: #CityHallSelfie Day is August 15 of each year. This year will be observing it on August 14!

Where: #CityHallSelfies are traditionally taken in front of city halls, but ELGL will also accept submissions using the hashtag in front of town halls, county buildings, libraries, police stations, and any other local government building that participants are proud of and want to showcase.

How: A selfie is a self-portrait. #CityHallSelfie participants take a photo and then share it on social media using the hashtags #CityHallSelfie, #ELGL, and #GaCities. Groups of people are encouraged to also participate (social distancing and wearing masks, of course!); it doesn't have to be a single person to qualify for awards or recognition.

Why: #CityHallSelfie can also be a way to showcase to community members the pride and excitement that employees feel when they work in service to the community.

How to Participate:
1. Take a picture of yourself or with a socially-distanced group in front of Newnan City Hall, located at 25 LaGrange Street

2. Post the picture on social media (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter) with the hashtags: #CityHallSelfie, #ELGL, and #GaCities.

Prizes will be awarded in the following 9 categories (one prize, per category):
  • Most Creative #CityHallSelfie
  • Funniest #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Dressed #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Socially Distant #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Hat in a #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Individual #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Group #CityHallSelfie
  • Best Use of Props in a #CityHallSelfie
  • Best #CityHallSelfie with Kids
Submit your #CityHallSelfies for the contests to

Rules and Regulations:
  • Selfie posts and submissions must be received on August 14, 2020, and no later than 11:59 p.m., to be eligible for prizes.
  • Prize eligibility is limited to persons 18 years or older.
  • There is no purchase necessary to participate.
  • A limit of three (3) selfies per participant can be submitted for consideration.
  • By posting or submitting a photo, participants fully understand that there is no guarantee of privacy and hereby agree to have their photos posted in the public forum of the City of Newnan and ELGL social media platforms and websites. 
  • All pictures become the property of the City of Newnan
  • The intent of #CityHallSelfie Day is solely to show pride in local government services and facilities, however, prizes for each of the 9 categories will be awarded in the spirit of fun.
  • If more than one person appears in the selfie, the prize will be awarded solely to the person who posted the photo.
  • The winning selfies will be announced and displayed on the City of Newnan's City Hall Selfie Facebook event page
  • City of Newnan employees are not eligible to win.
  • A panel of judges will determine the winners.
  • The winners will be individually notified no later than August 19, 2020.
  • Winners must be able to personally pick up their prize, and show identification, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., M-F, and by no later than Monday, August 31, 2020.

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