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Sister City Information & Events


About Newnan's Sister City - Ayr, Scotland
The sister city partnership also developed as part of the founding of the educational program Global Achievers in Newnan, the location of their state headquarters. The sister city pact was established in order for citizens of both cities to experience many cultural, educational, tourism, and economic opportunities.

"For 16 years we have celebrated our connection with our sister city Ayr, Scotland, and the banners hanging around the square during the month of July are a small reminder of this special relationship. The Newnan Cultural Arts Commission is very excited the Masterworks Youth Chorale has the opportunity to visit Ayr in June 2014 and represent the citizens of Newnan,” said Dave Dorrell of the Newnan Cultural Arts Commission.

  • The city of Newnan and Ayr, Scotland has celebrated a sister city relationship since 1997.
  • The sister city partnership has allowed Newnan residents to build and nurture contacts across the world and has provided for wonderful cultural exchanges.

Recent Events

  • 2013 - It was announced that the Centre Masterworks Ensemble Choir will represent Newnan in Ayr in June 2014.
  • 2014 - Mayor Keith Brady and the Newnan Cultural Arts Commission welcomed an exemplary group of musicians to represent the city.
Newnan's Sister City in the Media