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City Parks / Pool



C.J. Smith Park: a 12-acre community park located on Farmer Street. The park is divided in half into two distinct sections separated by a steep wooded bank. The lower half of the park contains the park's major draw, which is an adult size softball field, which is home to Coweta County-sponsored adult softball leagues in both the spring and fall months. The park contains a paved 27 space parking lot, restrooms, spectator bleachers, and miscellaneous playground equipment. Several picnic tables, as well as grills, are also available for gatherings. The upper half of the park is the home of the Coweta County African American Heritage Museum and Research Center.

Cranford Park: a .70-acre passive neighborhood recreational park located along Jackson Street, about a half-mile north of Highway 34. The park sits snugly within a residential district and backs up to the City's historic Oak Hill Cemetery. The rectangular park contains meandering brick and concrete walkways, spotted with benches that traverse the heavily landscaped park.

First Avenue Park: a 3.5-acre tract of property located along First Avenue just outside the historic Greenville/LaGrange historic residential district. The passive recreational area is a neighborhood park designed for play and exercise and includes covered pavilions, fenced playground area, grassed multi-purpose fields, elaborate stonework, heavy landscaping, and a paved walkway trail system.

Greenville Street Park: Greenville Street Park is a two-acre urban park nestled between Greenville Street, LaGrange Street, and Salbide Avenue and strategically placed on the edge of the historic Greenville/LaGrange residential neighborhood, its commercial district, and is within walking distance of historic downtown Newnan. The park features a 25 column colonnaded entrance, a terraced lawn area, and a stage that serves as a small amphitheater, a water fountain, brick plazas, a covered pavilion, and plenty of tables and chairs. Meandering paths, secluded benches, and extensive landscaping compose the balance of the new park. Greenville Street Park also features two sculptures, one by prominent Atlanta artist, Martin Dawe, and the other by locally renowned artist, Carol Harless. For more information on the sculptor, Martin Dawes, please visit:

The second sculpture is by internationally renowned artist Carol Harless. Lady of the House represents the "joy and exuberance of a young woman celebrating her architectural legacy." This joyful woman dances in a dress while holding a piece of barge board - decorative millwork used on many Victorian-era cottages - overhead. The barge board is significant to Harless because it is rumored that no two barge boards in Newnan's historic districts are alike. Much of the barge board trim in Newnan was made by R.D. Cole Manufacturing Co., which later became Brown Steel and Caldwell Tank. In the 1800s R.D. Cole produced fine millwork before the company went into the manufacturing of steel tanks. The company also built the 1904 Coweta County Courthouse.

Lynch Park: a 6.2-acre active neighborhood park located at Wesley Street and Richard Allen Drive. The park, named after former Newnan City Council Member, Willie Lynch, contains the Wesley Street Gymnasium, the Duncan Street Pool, and Pickett Field, a large baseball and softball field.

Ray Park: a 1.8-active neighborhood located along Spring Street and Ray Circle. The park contains 3 small pavilions and a whimsical playground. The park contains benches for spectators.

Sprayberry Road Park: an 8.33-acre parcel of land divided by a roundabout, that is equipped with a pet park offering a large fenced area for large dogs and a smaller fenced area for small dogs. The park also includes pavilions, watering stations, public restrooms, parking, and a playground. 

Temple Avenue Park: a 2.5-acre passive community recreational park located within the historic Temple Avenue residential district. The site is the former location of Newnan High School and Temple Avenue Elementary School. The park is bound on the west side by the Male Academy Museum. Temple Park contains a small gazebo that is often reserved for weddings and a large triangular water fountain is located in the middle of the park.

Westgate Park: a small neighborhood baseball/softball field located at the end of West Park Court just off Belt Road. The park contains a fenced-in playing field, bleachers, and a small concession building.