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 Hometown Connection

hometownconnection pxNewnan hosted two Hometown Connections in 2012.
GMA's Hometown Connection is about creating a localized, identifiable and understandable frame of reference on the challenges and opportunities facing your city.
Cities need state legislators to see what cities are doing, better understand their achievements and challenges and be more connected to the welfare of our cities. If we don’t make these Hometown Connections, the General Assembly will continue to legislate without knowing the real-life ramifications of their decisions on your city. 

December 4th

The City of Newnan and Newnan Utlities hosted Hometown Connection with the following in attendance. Video of the mock City Council meeting will available to view soon.

Mayor Keith Brady

The Newnan City Council

City Manager Cleatus Phillips and City Staff

Newnan Utilities Management Staff

Mike Crane, Georgia Senator District 28

Stuart Wilkinson with the Governor’s Office of County and Local Government Affairs

Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) representatives



 Mock City Council meeting with Mayor Brady presiding. Counciman Ray Dubose, Governors' Office Stuart Wilkinson, Rep John Carson, Senator Mike Crane, Represenative Carl Von Epps and Representative Lynn Smith