Occupational Tax Certificate Renewals
Retail, Annual and Financial Occupational Tax Certificate renewals are due by April 1st each year, with renewal packets automatically mailed by the City the first week in January.  The renewals are mailed to the mailing address on file in January each year as provided by the business.  These packets contain the actual tax return for the business which must be completed, notarized and submitted for renewal.  If lost or misplaced, there will be a $10.00 fee for duplication of the form, since the City does not keep copies on file.  Fees are based on prior year gross receipts of the business, therefore a copy of the tax return (or P & L, Schedule C, etc) must be submitted with the renewal application.  Substantial penalties, beginning at 11.5%, result when renewal forms are received by the City after the due date; postmarks are not accepted by the City. No penalties will be waived.

The renewal packet includes a checklist of the documents required for renewal of the certificate. Please make sure all forms are completed and notarized (if required) prior to submission.  Incomplete renewals cannot be processed. Due to eVerify requirements, all business must submit the following completed and notarized forms with their renewal. The forms are also included in the renewal packets. See below for requirements as to who will sign and submit each form.

Private Employer Affidavit  - (one form required for the business - signed by the owner/manager/partner/etc.)             
Affidavit Verifying Status  - (one form required for each owner, partner, professional, etc. associated with the business.)
     -- A legible copy of the driver's license (or other form of ID) must accompany each Affidavit Verifying Status form for the individual signing each form. 

The method of payment calculation for occupational taxes is the same as in the past; occupational taxes are based on gross receipts times a multiple which corresponds to the profitability ratio of your business, plus a $20.00 administrative fee.  Gross receipts are those generated and reported for tax purposes.  If your tax return does not represent a full year of operations, then the gross receipts reported shall be calculated based on the number of actual months in operation and spread over a full year.  Additionally, if you owe delinquent property taxes or any other revenue to the City, your Occupational Tax Certificate will not be renewed until those amounts are paid in full.

If you are classified as a professional, you have the right to choose a flat fee of $400.00 plus the $20.00 administrative fee for each professional employed by the business, or you may pay based on total gross receipts.  In addition, professionals must enclose a copy of their State Registration Card with the tax return for processing by the City.  Professionals are strictly defined as Lawyers, Physicians, Osteopaths, Optometrist, Chiropractors, Dentists, Psychologists, Veterinarians, Landscape Architects, Land Surveyors, Physiotherapists, Public Accountants, Embalmers, Funeral Directors, Civil, Mechanical, Hydraulic or Electrical Engineers, Architects, Marriage & Family Therapists, Social Workers, and Professional Counselors only.  No other businesses are eligible for this option.

Insurance Company renewals are due by January 1st each year, per City Ordinance.  The annual flat fee is $100 per location. Additionally, there is a gross premiums tax imposed on life insurers in the amount of 1% of the gross direct premiums received during the preceding calendar year.  All other insurers will pay an additional 2.5% of the gross direct premiums received during the preceding calendar year. These additional fees are collected by the Georgia Department of Revenue and disbursed to the governments based on population, per State Law.  The City of Newnan's population increased from 16,242 in 2000 to 33,039 in 2010, which was a 104% increase over the 10 year period.  

For more information concerning Occupational Taxes in the City of Newnan, please see the City of Newnan's  Code of Ordinances or contact the City's Accounting Specialist