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Planning and Zoning


City Maps

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Interactive GIS Maps                                    

  pdf    Zoning Map Map with street names, addresses, zoning, and overlay information.
  pdf    Future Land Use May with future land uses within the City.
  pdf   Historic District Map showing the City's historic districts. 
  pdf    Downtown Map Map showing the boundaries of the Downtown Development Authority. 
  pdf    District Map Map with current council district boundary information.
  pdf    Urban Redevelopment Map showing the boundaries of the Urban Redevelopment areas.
  pdf    Waste Collection Days Maps showing the trash collection service areas by day of the week.
  pdf    Water Protection Zones Map showing City's watershed, groundwater recharge, and wetland areas.
  pdf    Electric Supplier Service Areas Map showing the electric suppliers service areas within the City.
  pdf   City Street Map Map showing the City's street network in a searchable grid.
  pdf   LINC Master Plan LINC Master Plan
   pdf    Public Parking  Public Parking








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