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Business Development


Business Development


Hasco Craver IV
| Assistant City Manager

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 Phone: 770-253-2682 
The City of Newnan's Business Development Department is responsible for maintaining healthy, viable commercial districts that are symbols of community caring and promote a high quality of life.

The department consists of two parts: Business Development and Main Street Newnan.

Working with numerous public and private sector partners, create and implement an economically sustainable environment that stimulates a modern and growing economy, produces wealth for residents and businesses, strengthens existing and future industry clusters, diversifies the City of Newnan's economic base and increases the commercial tax base for the city.

Business Development Operations
The Business Development Department provides business strategy and takes an active role in guidance that incorporates and build upon current developments, while attending to future opportunities, assisting the City in understanding relevant trends and challenges. In addition, the department also creates a sense of collective responsibility amongst businesses throughout the city.

The Main Street Approach to Downtown Revitalization
The need to revitalize downtown commercial districts is clear. A healthy, viable downtown is crucial to the heritage, economic health and civic pride of the entire community for several reasons. A health downtown also means a stronger tax base; long-term revitalization establishes capable business that use public services and provide tax revenues for the community. A revitalized downtown increases the community's options for goods and services, whether for basic staples like clothing, food, and professional services for less traditional functions such as housing or entertainment. Finally, the revitalized downtowns are symbols of community caring and high quality of life, factors that influence corporate decisions to locate to a community.