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Above and Beyond


Citizen Comments about City Employees

This section is reserved for citizen compliments for city staff.  (Some have been edited for space)

January 2018 
Planning:  Chris Cole,  "You’re awesome. Thank you for turning this around so quickly. I wish every municipality was as efficient as you guys." - Chuck /customerMarch 2017 Planning—I greatly appreciate the work done by Tracy, Dean and the staff in providing necessary information and history upon which the board could base decisions thus creating a sense of consistency from meeting to meeting.” - Tim Bowyer—citizen

March 2017
—Mr. Cole, this is AWESOME – you should set the zoning cert letter precedent for the whole state, not kidding.—Danielle Jones


February 2017 
The Carnegie: Thank you for the time & effort you put into the class on Tuesday.  I had never used an "adult coloring book" before, but found coloring the card, which I finished at home, to be very therapeutic.  Please let Liz know that my husband thoroughly enjoyed his decorated cookie!  Thank you again Elizabeth.  Cheers!  - Sandy Essex, Patron

September 2016 

Planning and Zoning: "I just wanted to write to you both and offer my thanks for such a smooth and enjoyable process in seeking the various approvals for my project at 112 Lagrange Street! One often hears disparaging ‘scuttlebutt’ about dealing with “City Hall’ and/or various departments, bureaus, and personnel presenting roadblocks, interference or incompetence. I will be the first to challenge anyone on these misconceptions should I hear them in the future as I have experienced nothing but professionalism, concern and a true desire to reach a conclusion that suited everyone! I  know my case was not as complicated as a huge development plan; but it was my case, my project, and I am truly pleased as to the efficiency of the Planning/Development Office for the City of Newnan.   Thank you for a job well done. The communication I received from both of you and this department made a non-developer like me feel like I always knew what was going on and what information I needed to provide each step of the way. I am proud that our City has such dedicated personnel working for it and serving our citizens with such a professional approach to their department and jobs!Thank you so much, I really mean it!" -Edward CF Loughlin, Sr

June 2016
NFD: "I want to thank you for your prompt response to my stove fire. We are lucky to have you on the job." Citizen Nina Ward for Buddy, Chris, Denise and Shannon

January 2016: 
The Carnegie:  Have witnessed numerous historians and heard many a great speaker at the Carnegie Library, today we were blessed to experience the rare combination of both with the dynamic presentation today by Dr. Boyd. Thank you all at the Carnegie for bringing this talent to town. - Mike Christie from Facebook post

December 2015
Building Department – He said he is new to Newnan and was working on his deck when Mr. Duncan stopped by and politely told him he needed to come and get a permit to do that type of work.  He came to the Building Department and talked with Mr. Brian Parten and he said he is a “peach”.  He said he knows that their jobs are not easy, especially asking people to follow code, but that Mr. Parten is a wonderful face for the City and now as he is paying City taxes he is glad to have them working for him – he is happy to be in Newnan!  - Richard

Human Resources:  Stacie,  I want to thank you for your AMAZING COMMUNICATION, ORGANIZATION AND CREATIVITY!  You are AWESOME to work with, and I have been incredibly impressed. - Kristine Ryan / Christmas Parade participant

November 2015

Public Works Director: "Michael, After months of many of us (mostly me) sending you emails inquiring on the status of our resurfacing we can now all stand proudly on our sidewalks looking both directions and saying "doesn't the street look mighty good"!  The resurfacing crew arrived very early on Wednesday and completed all of our First Avenue by noon on Thursday.  They were professional and very solicitous to any and all of our needs or requests.  Tim and I can't tell you how nice it is to back out of our driveway and roll directly onto the level surface of the street. Thanks again Michael and to the City of Newnan for working with all of us homeowners by improving our property value and the quality of our life.Look forward to seeing you out and about in the downtown area." - Gratefully, Jan & Tim

NPD: "Feeling so incredibly thankful following the kids and Jodi being involved in a minor car accident this evening. Everyone was a little shaken up, but they're all okay! Praise God!!!

Also just had to sing the praises of this wonderful Newnan Police Officer, Officer Wallace. He handled everything at the scene of the accident beautifully, and he gave E a cute pink stuffed animal to make her feel better. After apologizing that he had only the one stuffed animal, he came by our house later this evening to give H his own stuffed animal, which we named "Wally", in his honor.

Thanks, Officer Wallace! You turned a scary situation into a happy one for E and H!" - Kelly Hines

November 2015
City Manager's office: "...I'm sitting in my local governance class discussing technology in their city government. Everyone else has horror stories of how their city doesn't have a  presence online or on social media. But I wanted to reach out and thank you and the City for doing an awesome job with an online presence. It's very easy to find the minutes and agenda of each meeting, as well as any immediate notifications from the City on FB or Twitter. Thanks! It is definitely noticed.‎" - Newnan Youth Council Alumni 

October 2015 

Planning; Chris Cole: Just a quick note to offer my sincere “thanks” to Chris Cole. Mr. Cole assisted me during a phone call to your city seeking information. He was most helpful, sincere and has a great sense of humor.  - Dick Cottrill

September 2015 
Engineering: Dana Johnson has excellent system providing meeting notes, minutes, reminders of meetings, encourages everyone of importance of attendance to UCC meetings, provides pertinent information to the group, interacts well with others, knowledgable, and past experience as Chair is an asset. - Melanie Griffin/ GUCC

August 2015
NPD: Thank you: When my car broke down, Police Officer Aaron came quickly to rescue me. He tried to help me with my car and waited with me for a tow. More importantly, he was notably kind and courteous. A thank you to him and Chief Meadows.- NTH soundoff

July 2015:
The Carnegie: "Abbie -- just wanted to say what a great job you have done in documenting the summer.  I just looked at the library's facebook page to see the Joanna pics and saw all the great photos you've taken, especially the ones of Robert Pope's character drawing workshop.   I had snapped a few but yours really shows the steps and the kid's great work." - Candyce Ayn Lund/ Children's Cultural Program Director/The Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation 

July 2015:
NFD:  "I have responded with Newnan Fire on a few calls now, and we work well together. This one stood out so I felt the need to inform you. We were responding to a patient that fell in his apartment and had been down a while. By the time we arrived, your guys had made entry through the window with minimal damage (if any). They unloaded the stretcher and I got the backboard. They put the patient on the backboard and helped package him. They loaded the stretcher back. They also put the screen back in the window and secured it. All this allowed my partner and myself to attend to the patients immediate needs and get the patient the proper treatment he needed. I wanted to thank them for all they did. I wanted to let you know what you already know, that is your guys are very well trained, and conduct themselves with a great deal of professionalism. I have only got to know them and work with them for a short time now. I look forward to working with them more in the future." - Bubba Hammond , CCFD Firefighter/EMT, FLS Educator

June 2015:

NPD: Mrs. M explained that Sgt. VanSant has gone above and beyond on this case while making her feel more at ease during her encounter with this type of crime. M explained that Sgt. VanSant is a great asset to our department and wanted someone above him to know what kind of job he is doing. M, even if the people responsible for this crime are never caught, she has had a wonderful experience with the Newnan Police Department because of how Sgt. VanSant has handled this case as well as the other officers who initially responded to the scene.—Mrs M. /citizen

NFD: Jeremy Henson went above and beyond with helping a citizen out with their fire alarm. Through his kindness and help my issue was resolved. I hold hold such high regards to such a fine young man.—Helen Harris / citizen

 March 2015

Abbie Murphey / Carnegie You were absolutely the B E S T helping me / us today.  Thank you so very much. You were reassuring, accommodating, and just helpful in every way possible.   I looked at you with your arm up in the air to keep adjusting the volume.  That worked out great and was above and beyond what I would have expected.  B U T  very, very much appreciated. We were all so appreciative of the concern and interest everyone showed.  I think the Carnegie is just the greatest.  I will always be a supporter of this place.  And I’m so lucky that I can look at an upstairs bedroom window and see the building.  How great is that.   - Susan Green 

January 2015
NFD: This morning three of your amazing emergency responders came to my parent's house and helped my dad get up after he had fallen on the floor during the night.  I was not there but my mother, Nancy Burks, told me how very considerate Brad Harelson, Winston Porter, and Josh Whitley were as they made sure he was comfortable before they left the house. It is obvious that they are not only well trained, they are also very caring men.  We are fortunate to have all of you in our community. Thanks so much! Debbie Stuckey &  Nancy Burks/citizens

June 2014

Beautification: “Thanks so much for your help.  Newnan now has so many lovely parks and green spaces.  The park across from Parker's service station is just beautiful this summer!  I appreciate the work the city of Newnan does to make so many "sweet spots" available in the town.” - Carol Lee Shankel / resident

The Carnegie:  “You all went the extra mile for us and we are so delighted since you made our time there successful. We owe you our sincere thanks. We still can’t get over how you came back, Carol to make sure things were good. You do your job with excellence and our city is benefitting from the good work you do.”—Debrah Williams and America Cronie/ patrons

May 21, 2014 
NFD: “Thank you so much! Newnan Fire Department did an amazing job responding to our fire and they were so kind to us.”  - Michelle Rich /citizen

May 13, 2014

 “Lisa / Carnegie is one of the most personable people that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.  She is knowledgeable and is so helpful in all phases of this establishment."- Angela- Carnegie Patron

April 30, 2014 

Shane Pridgen/ Code Enforcement/ Bryan Anderson, Sanitation: “I have called Shane /Code Enforcement Officer on several occasions concerning a house over the fence from my house about the clutter and garbage on their property. It is awful. I have called him several times for the same problem as well as others.  He is always so concerned and answers my call the very next day. He takes his job very seriously and I, as a citizen in Newnan want him to get a handshake, good job sort of thing. While he was at my home Tuesday, April 29th, we were discussing the problem and a conversation came about- about a 2-3 year old little girl who lives there with her mother and some man. I guess he suggested his concerns to Bryan Anderson, Sanitation Supervisor because he knocked on my door this morning and said he was concerned about what i had told Shane  - He was super.  He was so concerned about the child's welfare and suggested I call the Newnan Police and explain to them about what i think may be a problem.  He was so  completely interested in what I had to tell him and made many suggestions as to what i could do.  I couldn't thank him enough for his suggestions and said i would do as he suggested immediately.  I will call the Newnan Police later on today or visit the police station tomorrow and speak to someone. I just wanted you to know what an asset he is to the City of Newnan, and should be proud to have him in their employment.” - Alice Dittmar Newnan resident

 April 25, 2014 

Public Works/ Michael Klahr: “Thank you so much for the good job the team did on the sidewalk and pipe repair, it looks good! And everything is better than it was. Thank you very much!” - Tara Hutchens

April 14, 2014 

Beautification: "Thank you again for allowing us to reserve the gazebo in the park. The gazebo was quiet, the parking at the museum was wonderful, and the grounds were immaculate.  Please express my sincere appreciation to the others in your department who keep this park and the facilities in pristine condition. As a resident of Coweta all my life and a city resident for the past 28 years, I am proud of the way our city and county take pride in our parks and historic sites.  Thank you for what you do to keep Newnan the lovely place it is." - Citizen Susan Mullins

Perfect Winter Storm of 2014  - Jan 31- Feb 2

“Channel 2, WSBTV, had a reporter stationed on Bullsboro Drive and conveyed a positive opinion as to how well the county and local crews had worked to keep the streets useable. I would also like to point out that the Cemetery Dept participated with the other departments in PW through this endeavor.  The Cemetery Dept also had 3 burials on Thursday to attend to.” - Michael Klahr /Public Works Director

  “As a resident of Newnan I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the job that your various departments did to keep the roads safe during this most recent winter storm.  After seeing the chaos that played out in our state's capital I thought that surely Newnan would be just as bad.  Today I was pleasantly surprised to find the roads in Newnan either bone dry or covered in sand.
I hope that you can pass along the kudos to the men and women who worked to keep the citizens of Newnan safe.” - Citizen Noel Smith

“I wound up having to do quite a bit of driving around the City this week. Kudos to you guys! I thought the crews did a very good job of keeping the streets passable!” - Jimmy McGuffey, President/ Shenandoah Electrical Services, Inc.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am to live in Newnan, Georgia.  When I finally got out and about yesterday, it was so gratifying to see the work our Street Department did in clearing the streets, and I want them to know that all of us citizens are so grateful for their dedication, loyalty and hard work.  Would you send me some email addresses so that I can thank them myself?  I did write a letter to the paper expressing my gratitude for all our public safety folks who risked their lives taking care of us during this difficult time.  Again, praise God for wonderful folks who take care of us right here in Newnan, Ga.” - Citizen Norma Haynes  

“Ray Norton and his crew was out all night and worked tirelessly to get the roads as passable as possible. They did a great job.” - Officer Chad Wood

I would like to add my thanks and appreciation for the great job all of your folks did in addressing the issues we faced related to the snow and freezing weather. The Governor and ATL Mayor could certainly learn form you folks on how to do it right. I do a lot of business in the ATL Business community and people frequently seek me out to ask me, “how do you guys do it so well in Newnan” and I take a great deal of pleasure in telling them that we have one of the hardest working most dedicated staffs of any city in Georgia or in the US. Thanks again for the great job you do  - Councilman Coggin

Great job everyone. Thank you for your hard work and service.  - Mayor Pro Tem  Jenkins

Tuesday evening I looked out my window and saw our Newnan Firefighters  expertly maneuver the fire truck through the ice to get to a neighbor’s child that was in need of medical attention.  This was an incredible feat, to have this kind of dedication and loyalty is amazing—thank you to everyone that night who worked so hard to get our city back up and running.—Gina Snider / PIO